Offensive VR and the bleeding edge

Ramblings and excuses

My first blog post… is this a right of passage or something? I’m thinking this should be pretty straightforward seeing as though I’m aiming to write about the stuff I spend half my time thinking or rambling on to friends about. Whether it’s some kind of obscure maths book, a Wikipedia deep dive on the timeline of the long future or trying out the latest offensive VR title, a common theme seems to emerge, I’m fascinated by science and technology.

Science, engage…

I probably spend too much time reading about science, everything from quantum mechanics through to cosmology, I’m aiming to get the more interesting ideas down here and use it as a kind of archive of things I’ve found. I wonder how many fascinating things I’ve found before and meant to check back on but inevitably forgot?

I’m not aiming to post entirely peer reviewed content but I’m focusing on interesting ideas that make you question things rather than something that’s guaranteed five sigma. I have little or no time pseudoscience charlatans, ‘antivaxxers’, fans of homeopathy… I could go on but probably best to save some of that for later.

Technology in bulk

Tech wise I definitely spend too much money on some not so essential tech. I can’t help but buy new ‘bleeding edge’ gadgets. Impractical phones imported from overseas and VR headsets which cost more than a backstreet kidney. Saving money is hard in a time where tech is changing quicker than ever. I’m planning to write about these gadgets too, maybe that way I’ll be able to justify future purchases as material for this… actually is this a good idea?

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