The African Expedition

A group of 4 of us headed to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi armed with a drone, two GoPros and an SLR. This was the result

Cycling down Wank mountain in Germany

All possible puns that could be made, were made.

South Korea – Jeju Island

Two out of the three weeks in my trip to South Korea were spent staying on Jeju island with my sister. Most of the time was spent either drinking or jumping off tall things in to disustingly idyllic lakes and waterfalls.

South Korea – Exploring Seoul

A fascinating place full of contradictions, here’s some timelapsed videos on my trip there

Video lapse of the night’s sky

Taken from Jeju in South Korea

Canyoning in Scotland

Colder than a corpse in a morgue on Pluto

The first ever Ice Bucket Challenge video?